What We Use

Delve into the world of upholstery materials and take a look at what it takes to build Bespoke.

Framing Materials

Inside every great piece of furniture is a solid frame. The frame is what provides all the structure and support. It also is where key design elements are executed- A sweeping back, a low deck, wide or narrow armrests, all of this depends on how the frame is built.

There are a wide variety of materials that can be used. We have seen everything from cardboard boxes to milk crates alongside the regular wood, steel, & webbing. The DIY trends have added to this as we see people around the world using what they can find to build with.

Our Bespoke custom frames are built from solid Oak & Walnut that is FSC Certified and slow baked in a kiln for enhanced dimensional stability. We do not buy wood products from outside of Canada. We support responsible forestry initiatives and FSC certifications.

All steel/ironwork is forged in Ontario and limited to applications where it is necessary.

Cover Materials

Covering materials are the most visible and take the brunt of the wear and tear from use. It is important that the cover material and stitching technique is selected properly for the intended use and lifecycle of the piece you are doing.

Vinyls & Faux Leathers, Animal Hides (Leather), Synthetic & Natural Textiles are the main types of covering materials available. They all vary in texture, stretch, colour, application, durability, environmental profile & cost. When considering a covering material you need to ask yourself what is important to you and choose accordingly. There is no wrong choice when it comes to picking what you want to see in your space.  Call us and we will help you find the perfect one.

Support & Fill

In these modern times, and especially in our industry, we need to work together to reduce microplastics in our environment. The greatest area for us is the support and fill layers of upholstery. Traditionally, animal hair, straw, & coconut fibre, have been used alongside cotton, fibre webbing, and steel springs to create the comfort and support layers. In modern upholstery the two main components are Polyurethane Foam & Spun Polyester batting.

Polyurethane Foams are environmentally safe and recyclable and do not contain any hormone disrupting chemicals, nor do they affect the PH of soil. This, plus the fact that they last in their intended uses far longer than other plastic type foams, mean that these foams are our goto for eco conscious use. For the ultimate in environmental care we choose Soya PLA & Latex foams, these have very low impact and easily break down in the open elements.

At Bespoke Original Design, we primarily use cotton fill and batting. This time honoured, natural and very safe material, can easily last the life of the covering materials. Spun Polyester batting is a more economical choice than cotton however- It also has some properties that give it more long-lasting shape and fill- making this an ideal choice for most applications where batting is called for. The downside is, PET- the plastic that polyester is made from- is very persistent in our environment.

We are constantly reviewing this need and testing new products that can be used for a cleaner overall environmental profile. We are dedicated to sustainable practices that honour this planet we all share with creation. Earn that green seal by choosing us for your next project.