BESPOKE ORIGINAL DESIGN INCORPORATED, endeavours to deliver items forming part of any project at the specified time;
Provided that the materials to complete the work are available at the time the work is to be undertaken.

We will keep the client informed at all times of supply problems, or other factors, which can affect delivery.
We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time, especially if the scope of the project has changed or where design demands can not be met;
We assume no liability for any late or cancelled orders, especially where materials can not be obtained.

For safety and security, we do not accept walk-ins and prefer all initial communication to be via phone or email.
All In-Person visits to our studio must be scheduled in advance.

Any payment received by us will bind these terms exactly- unless otherwise noted on your official invoice.
Full payment is due on most orders, larger orders, when eligible, must pay a minimum 60% non-refundable deposit for us to schedule any work.
The full balance is due on installation/delivery/pick up.

All products and materials supplied by us remain our property until all balances are resolved.
We reserve the right to repossess any product or material on any past due invoice.
We reserve the right to add the cost of any such removal to your final bill.

We accept Canadian Email Money Transfer, Credit Card, Cash, Cheque, Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Ripple as payment.
We will process balance payments on overdue orders that have paid by credit card.
Interest on overdue accounts will be charged at 18% per month.

Estimates valid for 15 days.
While we make every effort to estimate your work accurately, be advised that due to inflation,
supply issues & skilled labour shortages, a final bill within 18% of an estimate is now considered usual and customary;
Especially on a custom design order, where the order is large or complex.

Any additional instructions and or modifications must be confirmed in writing and extend delivery times.
Deposits on additional work and materials must be paid for before the work will proceed.
Additional work, which may not be apparent when the estimate was provided (such as frame repairs hidden by upholstery),
will be advised to the client upon discovery. Additional charges may apply.

We reserve the right to apply a 15% surcharge for handling 'Customer Supplied Fabrics & Materials'
It is your responsibility to ensure that the material is suitable for the intended purpose.
Covering materials supplied by the client is at their own risk.

Shortage of material supplied by the client is the client’s responsibility to procure.
We strongly advise against this unless more can be supplied by you in case there are issues and more is needed.

Where printed and woven fabrics will not pattern match accurately we will inform you for further instructions.
Fabrics sent direct to us must have the clients name clearly marked on the delivery note so we can check, on your behalf, that we have received the correct fabric.

Please request fabric companies to roll all fabric on tubes, with no more than one fabric per tube.
One continuous length of fabric should be used unless an extra amount is taken into account for pattern matching.
We will do our best to remove creases but this cannot be guaranteed.
We will not be held responsible for fabric flaws. If we cannot cut around them you will be notified.

All old covers will be removed & discarded prior to upholstery.
You must indicate in writing if the covers are to be saved and returned, returned covers may have damage from the removal process.

All projects completed by us carry a life-of-use warranty on craftsmanship and materials when such materials are supplied by us.
Repairs under this warranty must be completed in-house.

Insurance Invoices available.
Where the work undertaken is in relation to an insurance claim, order must be paid in full before production.

Rush orders will incur a surcharge of 20%

Pick Up/Delivery charges vary and are based on the size, weight, & distance to your home.

If your project is currently being worked, it is covered to a maximum of $50K in the event of any insurable loss.
Should you need to drop off your project before it is needed on the production floor, be advised that in the event of a insurable loss such as a fire, break-in, or flood, you agree to accept what is assessed by the insurance company for damages.
We will not accept liability for damages beyond what is paid by our insurance company.

Orders and fabrics must be received by November 1st (15th with Rush Service) for delivery before December 20th.

Patio projects need to be ordered by March 1st for Summer delivery.