AI Collaboration

We celebrate AI by partnering with CRAIYON to design a Bespoke Sectional.

A cutting-edge collaboration between CRAIYON (  and ourselves has resulted in the creation of a revolutionary modular sectional that utilizes AI drawings to push the boundaries of furniture design.

The sofa series, set to release in Summer 2023, is not just a piece of furniture, but a fine work of art.
Our interpretation of the AI drawings used in the design process allow for endless customization options.

Each module is designed with different layouts in mind. It can perfectly fit the space with a few different configurations that easily morph for the needs of the day with a unique overall aesthetic.

To further enhance the value of the piece, a NFT (non-fungible token) will be included with each purchase.
The NFT serves as a digital certificate of authenticity, validating the uniqueness of the sofa and making it a collectible piece. The NFT also allows for the tracking of the sectional's history, adding to its value over time. It will also extend, to its current and future owners, lifetime membership. This membership allows for first choice on new and exciting pre-releases on innovative textile designs from BESPOKE ORIGINAL DESIGN. It also grants special pricing for cleaning, repair, and eventual recovering when the need should arise.

"We are thrilled to have collaborated with CRAIYON on this project. The use of AI in the design process has allowed us to create a truly unique and customizable piece of furniture," says Geneveene, CEO of BESPOKE ORIGINAL DESIGN. "The addition of the NFT allows us to offer our clients not just a functional piece of furniture, but a valuable and collectible work of art."

Limited quantities of the AI Modular Sectional will be available for pre-order in Summer 2023.
Contact Us to reserve your piece.