Year Of The Gun

A Personal Project Combining My Trade & Art

Project Information:

Inspiration chair.
When you're an artist first, and a craftswoman second you hope to blend the two from time to time. I decided to create a piece that was a statement- A conversation starter.

At the Time of this piece I was reconciling the personal enjoyment of action stories and we do love so much
army/cop/bad guy shows as a culture. Then the Year of the Gun happened in Toronto. The year of Many shootings and even a van that ran into pedestrians:2018.

This was my tribute to the city, the woman of the city,  and the night. In true creative style. I found a chair to Up-cycle. Using high end fabrics from JFFabrics. On the back I used natural Linen material. I then silk screened and painted the scene on the outside back.

In the woman's hand is a Magnum 357- I made sure to tie that detail in the front of the chair by finding
357 magnum bullet slices that I made into upholstery buttons.

  • Completed on: 2014-08-06 14:20:00
  • Task: Reupholster Refinish Restore Interior
  • Skills: Stripping Sewing Foam Replacement Custom Covers Custom Fabric Deck Repair Wood Restoration Piping Welt Buttons