Bedroom Curtains

Ripplewave curtains with Black Out Lining

Project Information:

For a restful nights sleep we make sure to apply Black out lining in the bedroom. Studies show any light during sleep can be disruptive.

This is a wonderful Ripplewave curtain application to a ceiling mounted K-Track.

We used a contract rated fabric featuring Fire retardant Yarns.
It has an organic Textured pattern which makes it the perfect fit for both residential and commercial use.
Fabric From Ennicfabric-Amelia 61 SnowThese decorative sheers come in adaptable neutral tones giving them a sofisticated and timeless feel.

  • Completed on: 2020-07-13 15:00:00
  • Client: J.G.
  • Task: Interior
  • Skills: Sewing Full Custom